About Us

Our Mission

The mission of University of Pennsylvania Consumer Assistance, Support, and Education (Penn CASE) is to serve as a consumer advocacy group for Penn students and residents of Philadelphia.  Penn CASE will promote consumer education through the creation of printed materials and online resources, on-campus presentations, and events with local school, senior citizen, religious, and civic organizations.  Penn CASE will also be a resource for consumers who have fallen victim to scams or are encountering difficulty with a business by hosting workshops on how to effectively file a complaint with the appropriate government agency.  Penn CASE will foster partnerships with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, the Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Consumer Affairs, local elected officials, and Penn Law.


Penn CASE's organizational structure features a President and Executive Vice President who focus on the organization's overall strategy and ensure cooperation and cohesion within the group.  The organization is divided into three departments: Community Outreach, Campus Initiatives, and Communications.  Each of these departments is led by a Vice President and comprises of various committee members who work to implement Penn CASE's goals and objectives.